How can I make an order at Madame Chocolat?

You can surf by the on-line shop through all the categories and see every product in detail. In every one (if there is in stock) you can see the “Add to Cart” button. You only have to click on it to add the items to the order. Please, make sure that you choose the right size or colour. Once you choose the items you can see all the shopping cart by clicking in the right top of the page (in the shopping cart image). You have to register you e-mail and then fill out a form with your new password, your info and address. After that you can access your account, make orders and modify your personal information. From there you can see the total price and proceed to the payment.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and credit card payment through Redsys. With paypal you can link almost any credit card and/or your bank account. To proceed to the payments, once you have the items in the cart, you only must follow the instructions.  

At this moment we do not accept COD payments or shippings.


Is safe to buy at Madame Chocolat?

Yes. The payments are sent by Paypal or Redsys, the safest internet paying methods. 

We also have all the items of the website in our physical store, and we prepare all the shippings and try to meet deadlines as safely and securely as possible.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. The shippings to Spain are made by express shipping. Outside Spain, the shippings are all made by certified shipping with tracking number. More info at Delivery & Return.

How long it takes the order to arrive?

It depends on the distance. Shippings within Spain, Andora and Portugal it takes 24h with express shipping.
To Europe we ship by DHL or Mail Boxes (it takes 1-4 days) or by tracked post (4-10 days). Outside Europe we ship by DHL (1-4 days) or by tracked shipping (5-15 days).

If the packages go outside of Europe, they can be delayed at customs. Please, understand that Madame Chocolat is not responsible for the shipping delay or customs fee.

My order has not yet arrived.

Sometimes, the order can be delayed for different reasons (international shipments, customs, etc). Please, wait few more days (about 1-2 weeks); if you don’t receive within this period of time, contact us, we will contact the post office and we will try to find a solution.
Keep in mind that is extremely rare that a package is lost.

Can I order trough your website and pick up in your physical store?

Yes. In this case, when do you order trough the online shop, in the shipping options you have to choose “Pick up in Store”. Is free of charge, and you can pick up when you want in our physical store in Barcelona (please, check opening days & hours). (If this option does not appear, just register an Spanish address).


There is one item that I like, but there is not in my size.

In some cases we have different sizes of the items, but we are sorry is not always like that. Often the stock is very limited, the article is one size only or we have only 1. This happens specially for second-hand items (in that case is very difficult or almost impossible to find another one).

Items with elastic or adjustable strings that can be adapted to few different sizes. If you have any questions about sizing you can send us an e-mail to:

When will you have again the out-of-stock items?

It depends on the item: there are some we can have again in stock, while other items cannot be re-stocked. Often, the brands work by seasons or collections and for that, it is possible that some items are not re-manufactured.

Also, second-hand items are often unique, and, for that reason it is really difficult to find them again.

If you want to know if we will have again some items or in other sizes, please, send us an e-mail here:


Ar the items in the website are available in your physical store?

Yes, all the items in stock in the website are available in the physical store (Ronda Sant Pere 68, 08010 Barcelona SPAIN). Even, in the physical shop you can find more items that are not in the website (second hand clothing, accessories…).

How do the measurements work? How do I have to measure myself?

In most items you can see the measurements of the garments in centimeters. Different sizes have different measurements, and if you want to know which is better for you, you will have to measure yourself. It's the same on boys and girls.
On the right image you can see the most common measurements in our website. The bust is the widest countour of the pectoral zone. The waist is the narrowest contour of the trunk, to the navel, more or less. The hips are the widest contour in the hips and bottom. The shoulder width is the distance between the shoulders, as the image shows. The cuff opening is the contour of the top part of the arm. The shirt/top length is the length from the shoulder to the waist or hips (depending on the item). The dress length is the length from the shoulder to the thigh, knee or even almost to the ground, depending on the garment. The skirt length goes to the waist from as long it will go.
Please, note that the measurements some times are aproximate and may vary few centimeters depending on the size, pattern, the elastic cloth, etc. We recommend you that you choose a size where you feel confortable. Note also that are many of the garments in "japanese sizing" that are sometimes smaller than the western sizing, so we ask you to consider the measurements in centimeters.
If you want to know more measurements of a garment or you are not sure which want will fit you better don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be very pleased to answer your questions.


I have seen you sell second hand items. Can I sell my items in your shop?

There is no problem if you can come to the shop and bring the items directly, then we revise them and agreed price. If you want more information, please, send us an e-mail to:

I bought a 2nd hand item but it feels used or worn.

You have to keep in mind this when purchasing a 2nd hand item. We have many used items (all of them are marked as such in the title). We try to photograph them and describe in detail the condition in which they are, evaluating them from 1 to 5 (1 for severely damaged pieces - 5 for the ones that look as new). Sometimes the fabric feels worn, can have few stains, smell like "vintage store", etc. If they have remarkable damage you can see it in the photos.
But keep in mind that most of the 2nd hand items we have are in good condition. Most of them are Japanese or alternative brands and the quality of the clothing is very nice! They can last for years! 

In some items I have seen the letters "JSK" and "OP", what do they mean?

In Lolita clothing, these letters refer to the type of dress: JSK (Jumper Skirt), these are the sleeveless dresses, usually worn with shirt underneath. OP (One Piece) are dresses with short or long sleeves.


How do the hair colours work? How do I have to apply them and how long do they last?

Is very easy, but you have to know how to apply them. First of all, note that they look better on bleached or very light hair (if you want to apply light or pastel colours the hair must be very light or almost white), then you only have to apply the hair colour on the desired zone, leave it for 1 or 2 hours and then wash with cold water without shampoo.

The duration of the hair colour depends on many factors. Directions or Manic Panic is about 2 weeks to 2 months (can be less or more). Every hair is different so we cannot guarantee is like in the sample photos.

How I contact Madame Chocolat?

If you have any question you can contact us here: or calling at (+34) 931924747
Also you can visit us at our physical store in Barcelona (Ronda Sant Pere 68, 08010 Barcelona SPAIN)


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