SASSY PRINCESS ♡ Printed Vintage Denim Jacket - Limited Edition!

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SUPER LIMITED EDITION! Only 18 units made
Vintage denim unisex jackets with screen print. Each one is different and they are numbered!
Illustration @mia_alvarez_last_angeles_

Size info, measurements and availability below ↓


Jacket Number - Measurements in CM - Size - Availability

1Width 53cm / Length 64cm (Size M) - Available at Madame Chocolat
2: Width 60cm / Length 69cm (Size L-XL) - Available at Madame Chocolat
- 4: Available at the website of the illustrator
- 6: Width 65cm / Length 67cm (Size L-XL) - Available at Madame Chocolat
7: Width 64cm / Length 64cm (Size L-XL) - Available at Madame Chocolat
8: Width 60cm / Length 63cm (Size L) - Available at Madame Chocolat
9: Width 64cm / Length 63cm (Size L-XL) - Available at Madame Chocolat
10: Width 60cm / Length 65cm (Size L) - Available at Madame Chocolat
- 11: Width 60cm / Length 65cm (Size L) - Available at Madame Chocolat
12: Width 59cm / Length 64cm (Size M-L) - Available at Madame Chocolat 
13: Width 80cm / Length 77cm (Size XL-3XL) - Available at Madame Chocolat 
14: Width 59cm / Length 63cm (Size M-L) - Available at Madame Chocolat 
- 15: Available at the website of the illustrator
16: Width 64cm / Length 68cm (Size L-XL) - Available at Madame Chocolat 
17: Width 63cm / Length 64cm (Size L-XL) - Available at Madame Chocolat 
18: Width  60cm / Length 67cm (Size L) - Available at Madame Chocolat 

*NOTE: Please note that the jackets are 2nd hand / vintage and may have some imperfections, but overall they are in very good condition. The sizing is meant to be quite oversized.

LIMITED EDITION only 18 units! 

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